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Acase F1 Folio iPad 3 Case / Cover (Apple iPad 4 / iPad 3 / iPad 2 / New iPad) Review

Was going to be a three star. Did a video on unboxing and installing on Ipad 3 all went well pretty well with semi good quality. Magnet sucks but its just enough to make the on and off function for the screen but then…. AHHHHHHH you cant take it off ever. Its like an alien that becomes one with your ipad. Hang on Im writing this at the same time I am trying to remove it… Did second video of having to ACTUALLY PRY THE HOSTAGE IPAD FREE. STAY AWAY. If you get your ipad stuck which you will, use a plastic tool as to limit any scratching of your ipad. I used a plastic cake server cutter thing I found in the kitchen. Would have used more propper tools its that this hostage situation was so unexpected. I cant beleive I am having to write a warning about a protective cover causing possible damage to an ipad.

Did this company actually try and put an ipad in their product before putting it on sale? I think a big no.


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