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Access Your Servers And Information In The Cloud From Ipad And Ipad Mini

There are times when we need to be able to access all of our data when we are away from our office wherever that may be. When you are away the best tactic for data access is your tablet or ipad for sure. These apps listed here will help you do your task with little effort.


Documents by Readdle

by Readdle

Many may find Documents by Readdle the most appealing option. The application gives you access to a wide variety of servers including Readdle’s own storage, iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, and more. It will also hook into your mail server. The application will also find nearby servers including your Mac, Windows machine, and other Wi-Fi devices.

Air Sharing for iPad

by Avatron Software, Inc.

Air Sharing for iPad gives you the ability to access a multitude of servers including mail servers, SFTP servers, FTP servers, Dropbox, MobileMe, iCloud, FilesAnywhere,, and any WebDAV server. Air Sharing for iPad has really become the go to application to access servers on the iPad and offers a great interface and a wonderful way to edit and view documents.

GoodReader for iPad

by Good.iWare Ltd.

GoodReader is actually a PDF reader that offers the ability to connect to a couple of different servers. Through GoodReader you can connect to mail servers such as IMAP and POP3. You can also access your MobileMe iDisk, GoogleDocs, Dropbox,,,, and any WebDAV Server or FTP Server. The application also has the ability to edit files and open them within other applications.

Goto My Pc

by Citrix

For users that are looking to remote into their desktops, GoToMyPC is a phenomenal app. You do need to install the GoToMyPC software on your computer to be able to access it. Don’t worry, though. There is a client available for both Mac and PC. The app itself is free, but the service is subscription based. The plan options include individuals, pro, and corporate. You can also choose to pay month to month or annually.

Air Video – Watch your videos anywhere!

by InMethod s.r.o.

Those looking to simply turn their Mac or Windows machine into a video streaming server should consider Air Video. The app will transcode any video type to provide playback on your iPad. It also allows you to use your video cables to hook your iPad up to the big screen TV. It is truly a remarkable application that should be on all iPads. You do need to download and install software to stream and convert your videos, but the good news is that it is free.

Server Admin Remote

by Harlekins

For those that run Mac OS X servers, this application will become key. The application has the ability to start or stop different services, and view the logs on your Mac OS X server. It may be just what you’re looking for if you are an admin in a Mac environment.

Desktop Connect

by Antecea Inc.

If a subscription service isn’t your cup of tea, then I recommend Desktop Connect. This app is a very fast, full-featured app that allows you to remote into your desktop. It works on Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux computers. Not only are you able to connect to your computers when you are at home, but you can access them when you are away from home as well. All you need to do is install Easy Connect, an optional software for Mac or Windows computers, and sign into your Google account. It is that simple. While this app is pricey up front, it’s well worth it because you don’t have to pay a subscription for service.

FileBrowser – Access files on remote computers

by Stratospherix Ltd

FileBrowser is equivalent to having Windows Explorer or Mac Finder on your iPad. You can access network folders on Mac, Windows, Linux, and NAS drives. You can also access Box, Dropbox, and SkyDrive. At home you can stream movies, music, and photos over WiFi. At work you can browse file servers over the internet to retrieve documents from company servers. The app does not require additional software on your computers $4.99.


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