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Apple Disapoints With Sept 2013 Release Of “New” Iphone 5s – Samsung Board Sighs With Relief

Here we are with yet another incremental iPhone update from the 4s. The world is still waiting for Apple to catch up to the feature set that has made Samsung take ever more market share from Apple mainly the larger screen size of the Galaxy and Note series. For the second time Apple has ignored what the market wants in lieu of telling the market what it wants. Only time will tell if Apple is correct in not making the large screen Iphones.

Samsung has made it thier goal to meet sonsumer demand no matter what it takes, and it appears for the most part to be working as they take more sales away from Apple, even having die hard Apple Iphone users dumping thier phones for the large realestate screens. Those that switch like the features although they are clearly not as refined as an Apple product, but by the time Apple releases a compatible size screen Samsung will most likely worked all the bugs out, leaving Apple wondering what happened.

Ignore the market place at your own risk, and I want a big screen. The only thing that has kept me from switching are my apps (not that big of a deal) and the plastic feel of the Samsung Galaxies (big deal).

Disclosure I have an Iphone 5

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