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Bessey D-BKWH Quick-Change Folding Utility Knife – Wood Grain Handle Review

Made in china but the quality is excellent. Has the most sturdy blade holder of any of the lock blade utility knives; but the lever kind of gets in the way a little. The only others that are reccoemended are the Kobalt brand at lowes stores. They have a quick release that you just pull down on and the blade comes straight out, but it has a little woble ( I mean very little) on the blade where the Bessey has none. So either way you are good. Bessey is unique in that it has real wood inlay for a more traditional look where the Kobalt went more modern all aluminum in the six dollar model and all stainless and rubber inserts in the fifteen dollar model. The good part in these type knives is when your blade gets dull no more sharpening so it requires less maintainance. Get the Irwin blades made of spring steel that bend and dont break. Last twice as long and are twice as sharp. Dont fall for the titanium coating of blades and drill bits. Means nothing other than they look great why you are wondering what the heck is wrong with the way they arent cutting or drilling.

Features handsome wood grain handle
Easily folds to a Compact Size to fit in pocket
Includes belt clip for easy access
Accepts all standard utility blades
Crafted using the manufacturer’s highest standards and best materials available
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Author: Carter Hargrave

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