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Brother ADS2000 High Speed Document Scanner Review 2013

Ok there are some great reviews here on Amazon that list every feature and specification so there is no need for another one like those. You probably already know what it does, but what you are wanting to know how it works and how it works compared to Fujitsu. I have two Fujitsu high speed scanners that I use all the time for business and trying to be more green with the attempt at a paperless office. You must weigh the paperless with the IRS requirements, the usual hard drive and backup failures, and how well you function without hard copies vs. PDF’s.

Is this Brother ADS2000 better than the Fujitsu 1500 series? No its not. The Brothers sofrware package is inferior the Fujitsu. Fujitsu comes with the Adobe professional PDF software with the Abbey fine reader OCR.

The Brother is not bad at all though. It is feasible if you already had the Adobe that you could use that software with the Brother and get along just like with a Fujitsu. That being said the Brother has a feature that the Fujitsu’s dont have in that they can easily stitch two pages together into one without using a separate plastic sleeve carrier.

The Brother is dead even with the Epson Workforce series high speed scanners as I have also used those. Epson is also a little hampered by the software it comes with.

The Brother is superior to the Fujitsu 1300 series. The 1300’s are pretty slow and dont come with the cool software package (to save money).

My advice would be this get a 1500 Fujitsu unless you can find a very good price on a Brother. Both will do the job with no worries. Neither will let you down. If traveling get the Fujitsu 1300 as its very small and can power from just the USB’s.

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