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Columbia River Knife and Tool’s 2013 Razel SS7 Chisel with Bellied Razor and Veff Serrated Blade Review

This is what you would want if surrounded by Zombies and you had to slice your way out. It was a little shorter than I thought it might be so it is not an actual machete. More like a cleaver on steroids. Sharp everywhere except just in front of the guard so you can put your thumb there for pressure and control. I teach knife fighting so you can easily use it for that as well as various chopping chores such as brush. At the price I paid I am unsure if I would use it to chop up limbs and brush but I can if its needed. I am also going to get one of the Spec Plus machette to do the grunt work and not worry about tearing this one up. At a hundred bucks less who cares what you have to hack through.
If its in your way it wont stand a chance. Very well made, and the little glass breaker thing on the end is so small I really dont notice it. That part is designed to desinigrate glass panes or auto glass for entry or escape with little fuss. Everyone I show it to goes “JEEZ, WHAT THE HELL” so be aware it is an attention getting blade. He stays by my bedside at night. On the other hand if you had to use this in your house on an intruder you should have a power washer for cleanup, so maybe the glock would be less messy all around.
Ok Im done rambling, glad I got it and you will be too.

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