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Could Michael Bloomberg Be The Poster Child For Hypocrisy

Could the Mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg be the poster child for hypocrisy? Well if our eyes and ears serves us correctly the answer that anyone would come up with would be a resounding yes. The mayor who is steadfast and working hard to intrude on the lives of New York citizens has taken the lead in gun control hypocrisy by traveling in public with nine heavily armed bodyguards, one of which has an assault weapon in his vehicle.

While he believes that you and me don’t deserve to protect ourselves with the same weapons he uses on a daily bases he sets the stage for a new discussion on whether these weapons have a legitimate place in our personal lives. Bloomberg clearly believes that assault weapons have a place to protect him and his family, but that the same right should not be afforded to the common man or woman.

Is it that the Democratic Elite are better than the rest of us and need special privileges so that they can feel safe in public. Or is it that their policies and statements are so repugnant to the general public that they need special security that only the very rich could afford so they can feel comfortable among those who he has inflicted his will on.

The rich like Bloomberg are not special and dont deserve any rights that we the people don’t have. Yes we the people have the right to bear arms, and hypocrites like the Mayor of New York should have no say or input into how we protect ourselves, especially if they are going to do things they we are not allowed to do. This would surely make him the poster child of elitist hypocrisy.

In the picture below you can see him surrounded by nine bodyguards as a reporter attempts to ask him about why he should have bodyguards while he is advocating disarming the public.



Michael Bloomberg Surrounded by Bodyguards

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