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David Carradine – An Under Appreciated Legend Passes

We would be remiss if we did not say a few words about the death of martial artist and actor David Carradine. Carradine took on many of the roles that were originally meant for Bruce lee, so they will forever be intwined.

In the television series Kung Fu, Carradine played the part of a monk who dolled out his peace loving level of instant justice every week for us all to see. While he was not a martial artist at the time, he grew to love the arts and learned to make them part of his life that would forever change his career.

In more recent times he is best known for his part in Kill Bill one and two. The role made him famous to a new generation of movie goers and should have launched him into the “big leagues” as far as actors. But alas, as he said in his many interviews, he was not appreciated for his skills as a serious actor even though he had proved himself many times over.

He also left his mark on the arts in ways that will be revealed more and more in the up coming years. He was the martial artists martial artist. Quiet, dignified, skilled.

He will be missed and our thoughts and good wishes go out to his family.


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