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Did President Obama Not Blame Bush For His Poor Economy In State Of The Union 2013?

For the first time in over four years I think he did not blame his predecessor for his poor economy in the 2013 State of the Union Address. I may have missed it if he said economy we inherited. I don’t think he said it, it was kind of hard to stay alert. To his creidt he did say that Government programs aren’t the answer to fix the poor economy. Then he did an about face and announce all these new programs.

What about the huge looming monstrous crazy scary loan we owe that adds up to every man woman and child owing 100,000. The President brought up the 6 trillion in cuts over ten years that he kept pushing in his election speeches and on the debates. That wont even cover the loan interest over ten years even it it was six trillion in cuts which its really three and a half trillion.

At least its over. Was there any big answers in his speech? Not really anything new. He must learn to work with the congress if he wants to get anything done, and not just send his Vice President to smooth things over after he publicly attacks them. To the Presidents credit he only attacked them once in his speech.

Is this a new start to fixing the problem, the first step is accepting responsibility. Only time will tell.

Author: Carter Hargrave

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