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Dyson DC35 Digital Slim Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review – Fragile Piece Of Garbage Greatness

Well that title pretty much says it all doesnt it.

Now lets explain what you are getting into if you dont already have a dyson or have experience with them.

Dyson designs are very elegant. They are works of art and design genius that have been manufactured with crappy materials and workmanship second to absolutely anyone.

1. You can not vacuum with this unit like you have with your other vacs. You cant bang them into stuff and jerk and throw it around and expect it not to break. Youve got to treat her like a lady, a work of art and respect her or she wont do her job for you anymore. And if you treat her like every other vac why should she.

2. She is independent with no cord to tie her down. Dont expect her to be as powerful as the tied down corded ones, Just appreciate the freedom.

3. She is always ready when you are. She wont go all day like the tied down corded ones of the past, but for quick, fast, and easy she’s the one. 15 minutes tops and she’s spent.

4. She likes it on the bare floor better than carpet thats for sure. Yes you can talk her into doing the carpet for a little while but she doesnt like it.

Respect her and she will be with you for a good long time. Treat her badly and she will be gone in no time.

I for one am glad we met.

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