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Epson Expression Premium Photo XP-800 All In One Printer A Must Avoid – Review 2013

Ok its a decent printer with an intentional design flaw according to Epson to make it suck ink like a pig, and they utilized micro ink cartridges.. I wanted it for its air print feature so my ipad can print to it. None of the ipad apps work well so I wanted this, and it works flawlessly. I have four epson printers from this one to an artisan 710 and the Workforce series. It seems like all of them do one thing well leaving something lacking. The pain in the butt on this one is the paper feed trays are not only confusing, but are small. The printer wont print pictures to regular paper tray without some hokus pocus that I cant figure out. You must use the photo paper tray that has all these settings and guides you must align. The other epsons work easier but dont print quite as good a quality photos except the artisan is as good.

The touch screen is awesome. A must have feature. No more clicking through ten menues to get to where you need to be to change a setting.

One of the strangest features is extending print guide. Watch the video and you will see it. I like the printer, but it does have its flaws. I would not buy it again. It is such a departure in design and function from previous epsons. Its just odd.

Ink cartridges are very small. Smallest I have seen on any printer. Ran out after twenty pages. Printer shuts down and will not print after it gets a signal of low ink.
I have contacted Epson about this problem. 24 hours no response.

Update: they have responded. Unit ships with “starter ink cartridges” that prime the printer. So to use the printer you must purchase more ink cartridges. This is the highest form of corporate ripoff of its customers. They designed it to do this. What a scam.

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