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Grace Digital GDI-IR2500 Wi-Fi Internet radio Featuring Pandora, NPR On-Demand, Sirius and i-Heart Radio Review

A little difficult to setup. Could have been made easier. Sound quality is pretty good. Not exactly a high end unit soundwise but acceptable. I found using it was kind of a pain and gave it to a relative. I would not purchase. I now use the Sonos system and am very happy with that. Same internet on sonos and setup was a breeze. Better options out there, and for what it costs we deserve a better product. Should cost about forty bucks.


  • Listen to over 16,000 internet radio stations including Pandora, iheartradio, NPR on-demand, BBC, ESPN, Live 365, Sirius
  • Includes a full range rear ported 4″ speaker for great highs, midrange, and bass to listen to your favorite Pandora, Live365, SIRIUS, AM/FM
  • Large 4-line display with 30 backlight micro settings. Set your radio to automatically dim when turned off in the night time and stay bright during day time listening.
  • Includes 5 alarms to buzz or play your favorite radio station. Each alarm settable for one time, a day of the week, weekends, weekdays, or 7 day alarm
  • Even plays your music files from your PC or MAC

Author: Carter Hargrave

Carter Hargrave Carter Hargrave is a Martial Arts Grandmaster and the founder of American Combat Kempo. He is the President of the World Kempo Association and the World Jeet Kune Do Federation. Carter Hargrave is aSecond Generation Bruce Lee School Instructor. Find us on Google+

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