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Grace Digital GDI-IRA500 Wireless Internet Radio Adapter Featuring Pandora, NPR and SIRIUS Review

Wow, this little radio is really impressive. It has wonderful sound and was quite easy to setup. You can get many stations that are not available locally. This is great for those who have moved or those who travel and want to listen to their favorites from back home.

There are so many radio choices, its overwhelming. Pandora has become one of my favorites even though I have a sirius account. Thinking of droping the sirius because Pandora is so good, and its free. That is so amazing!

Setup can be problamatic sometimes but that is usually just the learning curve of our electronic gadgets.

For the modest price this radio continues will provide hours of enjoyment.
Connects your home stereo directly to your Internet without the need of a computer
Listen to over 18,000 AM / FM free radio and HD stations including Pandora, NPR, CBS
Save up to 10 station presets on the front of the radio and included remote control (alternately supports free iPhone/iTouch remote App)
Built in wireless 802.11n connects to any wireless 802.11b/g/n broadband router in minutes
The GDI-IRA500 connects to your home stereo via the built in RCA left and right connectors

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