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Hargrave Selects USS Batfish

Oklahoma Senator and Military Affairs Committee member was tasked with the monumental task of finding a unique military item for an attraction for land locked Oklahoma.

The Department of the Navy had a list of requirements for those requesting to take possession of decommissioned vessels, all of which Senator George Hargrave of Tulsa convinced the Navy too waive.

Hargrave had the choice between the USS Piranha and the USS Batfish, both World War Two Balao-class Capable of diving more than 400 feet below the surface and staying submerged for 48 hours, the 311-foot diesel-lead acid battery submarine armed with 24 torpedoes and several large-caliber deck guns as it set out on long patrols.

Sadly they told Hargrave the sub he did not choose would be blown up.

Senator Hargrave received lots of ridicule for getting a submarine with no possible way to get it to Oklahoma.

He contacted the Commander of the Army Corps of Engineers and told them his idea of raising the Batfish out of the water reducing its draft so it could be navigated through the Kerr Waterway all the way to the state. They made it happen.

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