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Honeywell True HEPA Allergen Remover Review – You Have Got To Be Kidding – This Small For That Price.. Cmon

I have a bunch of the big honeywell hepa filters and two other brands Winix and Fellows that I have in various rooms in the house. I have some furry creatures and my house must sit in a pollen farm.

This is so small thats its almost useless. On the higher modes it will circulate some air so it does do some work but here is the design problem.

1. It could have been half this size. How you say? The hepa filter itself is the size of a large post card. No Im not joking.

2. The build quality is well….. very inexpensive. Plastic flexes and filter cover which is almost the entire front keeps popping off hitting the floor.

My other honewell units are the larger round ones and they are AWESOME but loud. For twenty bucks less at current pricing you could get a real filter and be happy. Model 50150 or the 50250 for a little more than this one.

If you want one for the bedroom and need some quiet any of the Winix are great, but the replacement filters are a cost bite.

Pass on this one.

Author: Carter Hargrave

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