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It Seems Like Canon Printers Are Superior In Function To Epson Almost Always – Pixma Mx922 Review

I have four epson printers of various ages and as epson updates with more features something is always taken away. My last Epson the XP 800 actually runs out of ink after printing 20 pages. Yes you read that right. Epson even told me it was designed that way. Jeez what arrogance.

I have had three canon printers and they all work great with no problems. I want one with a touch screen. Those are so much easier to use if you have ever got to see one. The canons offer clearer / sharper printing. I think that must be due to the camera heritage. They also have been going for larger ink cartridges instead of micro like epson.

The speed on this one is nothing to write home about, but the printing result is better than any printer in its price range. Good feature set. Awesome IOS Air printing with great range. Another winner. Give me a touch screen for ease of use and it goes five stars. I hate going through all the single button one two three, first letter, setups for passwords Ahhhh.

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