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Kodak ScanMate i940 Scanner Review 2013

Ok lets get to the main stuff.




3 year warranty. No other scanner company has a three year. All Fujitsus and Canon are 1 year. Almost any electronic device with moving parts will have an issue within three years, usually ten minutes after the one year warranty expires.

Built well, and should last a long time with heavy use.


Windows only, no Mac.

Big and heavy. Almost not portable. Weighs more than my Fujitsu desktop scanner.

Software not the best.

Other than the limited negatives this thing just works. Scans well and fast for a portable. I prefer the Scansnaps that come with the Adobe pro software, but hey they cost more. If that is an issue you can always pick up discounted software on ebay and you are good to go.

The size of this unit kills it for me though.

Author: Carter Hargrave

Carter Hargrave Carter Hargrave is a Martial Arts Grandmaster and the founder of American Combat Kempo. He is the President of the World Kempo Association and the World Jeet Kune Do Federation. Carter Hargrave is aSecond Generation Bruce Lee School Instructor. Find us on Google+

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