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Lowepro Magnum DV 4000 AW Camera Bag Review

This bag is the gold standard in video bags, or shoudl I say Pro video bags. This is not meant for the small camcorder set, but could be used as such if you have alot of other gear you want to stowe such as tripods, backdrops, external mics, and lighting. There is not much that needs to be said as this is the real deal. If you want the best look no further.. I unboxed this bag and went “Damn” and just kind of stared at it for about ten seconds. Its more than you would expect and you wont go wrong. If you need more room than this buy a van. Compartment after compartment to keep all your expensive equipment safe and secure. Lots of padding!!
polyester construction
Extra-thick interior base and premium-quality molded base offers extra protection from the sharp metal baseplate on pro video cameras, as well as sturdy and stable protection at critical points and corners, water resistance.
Dual-winged lid with double zippers, quick release buckle and hookloop closure allows the bag to open from the center, providing fast access to the main compartment plus extra security.
Patented All Weather Cover protects bag and its contents from the elements and tucks away into a zippered pocket when not in use.
Removable, adjustable shoulder strap with Vertebral Tech design features a patent-pending spine-like structure imbedded in a double layer of EVA foam padding that bends to conform to the shape of a shoulder and spreads weight evenly.
Removable video accessory pocket, 2 roomy side pockets and 8 SlipLock attachment loops allows for extra storage and carrying capacity for all your accessories and personal items.

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