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Makita DF010DSE 7.2-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Driver-Drill Kit with Auto-Stop Clutch Review

First I can see from the numbers and percentages that many of these are being purchased. I had serious reservations mainly due to the cost, after all its a freakin screwdriver. I had a black and decker that lasted a long time and it came time to replace the battery and it was the same price as the driver so that was just stupid. I have other good cordless stuff like dewalt and makita. Dewalt does not have any ion drivers so that was out. The one driver dewalt has weighs like 80 pounds or so it looks. I purchased the single speed white ion Makita thinking that would do the trick, but no. The RPM are so high it was like a drill all the time, great build and torque though. This one while costing out the butt seems to fill the bill. It has half the torque of the white one but at least it can be controlled. The settings for torque are nice so you dont strip out delicate screws like in electronic stuff. The one thing I wish it had was the led light should stay on for a few seconds after being activated like the other makita tools. This one is just an on and off switch. Oh well what do you want for a hundren and eighty bucks huh. I still cant get over that fact. Oh well its done and it works and it will last a long time.
Makita-built motor delivers 44 in.lbs. of Max Torque in a compact design
Auto-Stop Clutch: Tool shuts off when clutch disengages for extra fastening control and prevents overdriving the fastener
21 clutch settings and drill mode for added fastening control (fastening torque range: 2.7 in.lbs. to 27.0 in.lbs.
2-speed gear selection design (200 RPM / 650 RPM) for high or low torque applications
3-year warranty on tool and 1-year warranty on battery and charger

Author: Carter Hargrave

Carter Hargrave Carter Hargrave is a Martial Arts Grandmaster and the founder of American Combat Kempo. He is the President of the World Kempo Association and the World Jeet Kune Do Federation. Carter Hargrave is aSecond Generation Bruce Lee School Instructor. Find us on Google+

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