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Netgear Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router – Premium Edition (WNDR4300-100NAS) Review 2013

I have had five netgear routers over the years.

The first models were crap and I wont bore you with the model numbers or how sucky the software was and that the firmware blew, and that updating the firmware made you want to pull your own teeth out with pliers just to make the process end.

Ok maybe that was a little much. Now to the new routers. The last two were much better. No reliability problems. Firmware updated easily. Now my main gripe about the design, not just net gear, but most all the new routers.

The internal antennas suck a**. They all suck a**. They have always sucked and will most likely continue to suck. They just cant get the distance. Put an external on the thing. Give us an option to screw a big rubber antenna on the back that doubles the range, or at least will give you that range it says on the box.

None of them will give you the download speed at full distance without a real high gain antennae. Why am I ranting like this you say? Manufactures read these Amazon reviews and send them to research and development.

This is a good trouble free router.
I’m not all into computers, so a lot of the technical aspects are beyond my general knowledge. I believe that a good router is one that you forget about. So, this is a good router, in my opinion. This is why:

1. Super easy to set up. Instructions were easy to follow and ran its own setup with little input from me.

2. Easily connected wireless to all iPads, phones, laptops etc.

3. Tested in two story house, and outside. No problems with multiple devices being used at same time.

4. No having to start and restart like the old net gears that I broke when I threw one accross the room. ( I was alone and no animals were injured although they were am mussed.) The cat actually said “That crappy thing has been blinking at me for months, Yeah get it Dad”.

5. Once setup no device every was lost or had to be reacquired.

6. Everything works at specified speed at short distances. Will stream from Netflix and Amazon Prime from several different sources. No having to reboot and loss of connectivity.

7. Really slows down if you have a two story house and you are on another level though. That is where the external antennae would be great instead of bing a repeater to kick up the gain.

I think you will be happy with the new breed of Netgears.

Author: Carter Hargrave

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