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Park Tool CM-5 Cyclone Chain Cleaner Review

This chain cleaner is great. Seems very strudy as there is nothing loose moving around insdie that would indicate shoddy design or manufacture. All brushes roate smoothly. I am using Simple Green bio cleaner in this unit as it is half the price at least of the park chain cleaner and it works great. I just cleaned my wifes mountain bike (8 yrs old) never had the chain cleaned and it was gross. Took two cleanings but it is all clean now. My year old trek hybrid was no challenge at all for the Cyclone. I can also see where there would be no problem using another cleaner like 409 as well. Anything that will cut grease and doesnt eat plastic like a pertoleum solvent will be fine. Be sure and clean the Cclone after each use and it should last a long time. Great time saver and I hope this review helps.

Uses an extra large solvent reservoir and a series of rotating brushes
Solvent reservoir draws particles scrubbed from the chain
Durable sponge material draws solvent from the chain as it exits the cyclone
Works with all multi-speed bikes and some single-speed models
To make it easy to control and use

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