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Princeton Tec Corona 8 LED Headlamp Review

I have always been a serious flashlight guy and have or have had all the best streamlight and surefire lights. This thing is awesome. It takes some tweaking to get the fit just right, or it could be my huge head Im not sure. Anyway when you do get fit right it its just so cool. It is nothing short of liberating to have your hands free to do other things. Ok now for performance it is sooo much brighter than I ever thought it would be. I was thinking awhile back on getting an led light for my bicycle, now this will work just great as it throws a huge amount of light. what like 80 or 85 lumens, that is the same as surefires new led two cells; and for much less cash. The great part is that you can cut the power down as well as shut off leds until you find the light you are comfortable with. It is also very efficient with power. I use rechargeables for most my stuff and am still using the batteries it came with a few weeks ago. Use it everyday for something. What sold me was the reveiw on here of the medic in the military who uses this headlight in total darkness to set up medical field units, and now I can see how you coiuld. Also made in USA. I am also thinking about getting one of Princetons 4 led versions (lighter) with the red lens that slides up for stealth missions like hunting my reading glasses without annoying the wife more than usual. Warning… On high mode you do attract alot of flying creatures because you have a beakon on your forehead.
Get it you will not be sorry.

A very bright flood/area light
Durable nylon head strap
10,000 hours of bulb life
Emergency / flashing signal modes

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