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Princeton Tec Tactical Quad Headlight Review

I have the bigger Princeton that has the big battery pack in the back also and I love it but sometimes its just overkill and a tad heavy. This is very light weight and good for most things. When outdoors you most likely would want to use the highest setting to light a path. I thought the red lens would be more useful but havent foiund a great need. You cant use it to light a path so it would be more for reading and adjusting equipment relatively close up within a few feet. Has a very long run time and like all Princetons it is water proof so you can drop it in the creek or lake and it will still keep working. Its sometimes hard to tell which side is up on it when you put it on, as both look almost the same. Its great having your hands free to do whatever. My kids still give me crap about the geekiness of it though. Hmm I wonder if I got them one if they would see the light 🙂
Tactical Quad headlight with nylon strap
Heavy-duty plastic
Available in black and sand color options
Interchangeable red, blue, and green lenses
4 white ultrabright LEDs

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