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ScanSnap S510M Instant PDF Sheet-Fed Scanner Review

This thing is simply amazing. It is the fastest scanner. I cant begin to say how great this is. I have scanned now over 7 thousand pages of files and pictures. The only time you will get a feed failure is if your paper is really old. I had a few when I ran some 15 year old stuff that had been in storage. In that case you just feed a few one at a time and since it only takes one second per page it would still be the fastest scanner you ever used even if it came with no doc feeder. I was sceptical about pictures but when i compared them to my cannon 600 scanner the Fujitsu won hands down. Cannon has been retired. Had some friends over and saw it. They got upset because in their business they have the big honkin HP $2000 scanners and could not believe the quality for being so small and cheap. They too were sold and said they would be purchasing these in the futre. This has helped me get rid of 3 huge bins of files and I can now find them easily on my hard drive. Comes with full Adobe Pro and is awesome. See the pictures I have added for size.

Going strong still on 9-15-2013

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