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SKIL 3600-02 120-Volt Flooring Saw Review

This saw is intended for laminate floring, but you can use it for hardwoods for sure. I did not have any laminate projects going on, but I did have some toung and groove porch slats to cut. First you can do all the same stuff with a chop saw / miter saw on a stand. The downside to that is it is going to cost you $200 for the stand and another $250 for the saw of any real quality. The other downside to that setup is size, its huge and takes up tons of space and a pickup or van….. See where I am heading. The Skil is good quality in a small package that is portable for any vehicle. Cuts well. Dust is a problem as with any project. Makes nice smooth cuts, accurate and sturdy. Priced right and will pay for itself in one floor project easy.

Portable saw makes accurate cross, miter, and rip cuts
Dual sliding rails provide accuracy and effortless operation during cross and miter cuts
Miter detents at 0, 22.5, and 45 degrees
Innovative locking system secures saw on rails for rip cuts
3600 saw, 75540 4-3/8-inch 40-tooth blade, self-aligning rip/miter fence, blade wrench, clamp, push stick
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Author: Carter Hargrave

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