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Thought Out Stabile 2.0 iPad Stand Review

I have two of the original Stabile Ipad Stands. The ones that you see all the rave reviews about and I agree they were five star awesome. What was that. Yes, were. I ordered a new one on Amazon and I did notice that the name now says 2.0 and is the only one available so why wouldn’t it be as nice as the original. Well here we go. Got this stand in and first thing I noticed that the box was so light. The good ones, that the reviewers have, are the heavy ones, almost five pounds of steel goodness. This new stand is half the weight and half the thickness of steel / half the materials, and half the quality and get this, full price. Amazon doesnt mention this in its ad copy, the manufacturer doesnt mention that the model has changed, and that the specs are so different. The materials and metal quality matches exactly the Griffin A-Frame for iPad in silver that is twenty nine bucks here on Amazon. Hmm seventy five for the Stabile 2.0 or twenty nine for the Griffin for the same metal. I wish I was exaggerating. I was stunned when I pulled the Stabile 2.0 from the box, then you probably heard me barking what the hel*. Yeah I felt ripped off for sure.
So I sent the manufacturer, Thoughout Company an email explaining I was a return customer and I had purchased on Amazon from them, and some more detail on the differences in the good versus the bad of the models and how surprised I was when the order arrived since there was no indication that the stands quality had plummeted like it had. No explanation was forthcoming from Mike the owner other than the “original was available.” That was it, nothing more. Dont know where it was available because he didnt say. Not on Amazon, and not on the Thoughtout website. He didnt offer to help at all with refund or replacement, nothing. Ended up ordering a factory blemished original version since I couldnt find a new one anywhere. The long and short of this is that I dont want you to be disappointed like I was thinking you were getting the original heavy Stabile Stand when you will not. I needed the extra heavy weight because my cat likes to jack with the ipad, and with the original Stabile he cant knock it off. With the 2.0 his tail will send it crashing its so light. Thoughout Company do the right thing and bring back the real one instead of charging seventy five bucks for a Griffin Stand, or at least dont sell it under the reviews of another product (and just changed the name) that was far superior to the “Stabile 2.0” which I give two stars.

Author: Carter Hargrave

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