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Urgohuman Chair Review

First I would like to say I have this model and the older version in all leather. The older version was the reason I decided to give the Ergohuman a try, that and because it looks cool. I have two failures on my Ergohuman. The first is where it connects to the base with wheels. It has a plastic type collar or washer that after two months began to move around and now no longer stays in place. I have a metal cotter key that I have wedged in it to keep it in place. So now the chair wobbles around as you sit in it. The older version that I have does not have a collar like this and it is still quite solid after 6 years. Must be a design flaw. The second failure is the hight adjustment will just drop you for no apparent reason. I had turned where one of the arm rests were over my desk when I got up, then went to sit back down and it gave way and took a huge chunk out of the glass on my desk sending shards everywhere. I have no clue why or when this will happen only that it will again. I have contacted the manufacturer (Raynor Group) around 8 times so far and they have not returned any emails after sending read receipts. So who knows if the warranty is any good. I cant wait to see what it is going to cost to ship the chair to them at my cost according to the warranty. Older chair was built much better and was several hundred cheaper. Who knew!



Ergohuman Chair LEM4ERG - High Back with Headrest and Leather and Mesh

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