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Wilson Electronics – MobilePro – Portable Cell Phone Signal Booster – Includes 12-Inch Magnet Mount Antenna Review

Hey this is pretty neat. Does what it says. You can use it in the car to get rid of the dead spots on your dirve. I tried this out streaming music and did not loose conection in the “dead zones” I was used to. Its also cool that it can run off a regular USB so you can power the booster off a laptop when a plug in power source is not available. It also cigarette and regular home outlet plug that the USB power cable plugs in to. I would reccomend this booster no problem.
Booster Kit provides a signal 12 times as strong as your cell phone, improving reception and data rates
Designed for portability and mobility; great for use in your office, car, hotel, airport, or home
Plug & Play Kit–easy installation; everything you need is in the box!
Compatible with all US and Canadian cellular providers (except iDen/Nextel/MIKE)
Comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty

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