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Worst Website Hosting 1 And 1 – Now Some Of The Best Hosts – Site 5 , Host Gator , Blue Host

In our last story I told you about the multi year terror ride with one and one, 1 and 1 hosting and domain registrar. Some of you were wondering where I ended up and what were some other reputable hosting companies out there who actually do what they say they can, and offer real customer support.

First another one to pass on. Eapps hosting. Had them for a couple of years. LOTS of down time. They were off line without notice too many times to count. Customer service always made you think it was something that you did even though you had not made any adjustments of any kind or added any new sites. Then trying to transfer the sites away. Yikes they were no help and the special control panel they used was not compatible with other host companies so they could not do a bulk transfer away. Yup, one at a time nightmare. Oh and another sucky one Godaddy at one time was satisfactory. Not any more so stay away. I just hate being negative but you need to know these things. Experience is the best teacher as long as you dont ignore the experiences.

Ok enough about the crappy ones. Here are some recommended hosts that are service oriented, and that I get no click through money, or affiliate bucks, so you are getting a real recommendation. All of the reviews that I was finding were either staged by some companies, or were trying to steer you to where they make money off of you.

Blue Host – Great and fast customer service and they offer everything we are looking for.  Good customer response time.

Site 5 is one of the smaller ones but we have had great luck with them so far over a year now and only down one time. Good customer response time.

Host Gator seems to be doing some things right, with lots of good real feedback if they offer the services and programs to fit your needs. Good customer service response time.

There is one more that is getting some good reviews and that is Justhost – Just Host.

When looking into getting a new host always check out the reviews. Like on the dismal 1and1 hosting you can find hundreds of bad reviews. When you see this take it to heart.

Another solid thing not to overlook. Always send customer service or tech service an email to ask a question and time how long it takes to respond. If it takes the next day, forget them. Shorter the better. Under two hours in normal hours is customary and with the ones above it can be just minutes, even after hours.



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